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The Scranton Area Ministerium is a voluntary association of leaders from faith communities and social service agencies in Northeast Pennsylvania.  


By nurturing personal relationships we seek to provide mutual support and enrichment, to advocate for the shared values of our religious traditions, and to undertake cooperative action for the good of the larger community.

Members of the Scranton Area Ministerium are aware that there are many topics and activities important to our members concerning which our faith traditions disagree.  These include but are certainly not limited to abortion, birth control, capital punishment, medical ethics about the end of life, homosexuality, marriage equality, and many others.

The Ministerium agrees to share information provided by any of our active members.  If other members disagree with the positions advocated or implied by such information, they agree to respectfully share that disagreement directly with the  original source of the information, modeling the type of respectful dialogue on which the Ministerium is based.

The Scranton Area Ministerium normally meets on the Second Wednesday of each month, from 9 - 10:30 AM.  Members volunteer to host the meetings as a way to encourage mutual awareness.

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The Scranton Area Ministerium is a gathering of clergy and religious leaders throughout Lackawanna County. We seek to promote interfaith cooperation and understanding, and to build a better community for all.


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